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  1. EM Social EM Social

    EM Social

    When a customer wants to create a new account, they confront a difficulty of a lot of information required. However, most of people now have accounts in social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Yahoo. So, why don’t you allow your customers to use these accounts in order to log-in to your website with our Social Login Extension? Your customers now only need to choose which social network account they want to use to log-in to your website. This is a good way to eliminate all the barriers which prevent your customers from your website.

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  2. EM Homestuff - Home 1 EM Homestuff - Home 1

    EM Homestuff - Supermarket Responsive Magento Theme

    Our EM Homestuff, a specialized theme for supermarket contains product galleries or catalogs to present a huge range of products. 3 columns layout maximizes space for promoting your products and other space advertising, but not distracting visitors. Stay focus on your prominent products, all unnecessary details, texture are minimized, and color combinations stay as much simple, and classic as possible. The home pages incorporate gorgeous Theme Variation Settings that allow you to change template's color and texture to make it perfect just in few minutes. Responsive layout which will automatically change layout width and length when visitors resizes browsers, will affect directly to sales and conversion increasing. Very powerful content slider displays variety of categories in the most attractive and neatest way. You will be impressed by amazing slideshow with really beautiful visual effects and transitions. Besides this, our templates integrate many helpful features to increase website performance as well as increase business economic efficiency. Let’s check out what you will get for this special template. Learn More
  3. EM Slideshow 2 EM Slideshow 2

    EM Slideshow 2

    Create a responsive(mobile friendly) or fullwidth slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization (all content always readable for search engines). See the heaps of custom transitions/animations for each object on the page! Customize this slider with our convenient drag&drop backend to your very needs. This extensions features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

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  4. EM YesShop - Color 1 EM YesShop - Color 1

    EM Shopping - Responsive Magento Template

    EM Shopping delivers you all you need for elegant fashion website, and a brilliant shopping cart solution. It has such impressive design plus built-in powerful function to make your store extremely appeal with glamour design, prominent products and stable operation. This theme was designed on a high-fashionable and modern style, giving a magnificent look and passionate feel as well for your online stores. Theme variation setting which allow you to customize colors, texture scheme yourself in minutes will make it best suit for your business. EMThemes integrated many strong features that help you to enhance website performance that you shouldn't miss out. Responsive layout is not bound to a particular screen size, but adapts flexibly to different device resolutions. When visitors resize the browser, the content automatically moves for the best display experience. Also, both vertical and horizontal Mega Menu with up to 6 columns will help all visitors has the clearest view, and easy to follow structure. Latest updated Slideshow emphasizes premium products, even colors or textures or any single details. It is show time for all products with many product widgets being shown on the home page. Learn More
  5. EM Go Angels - Baby Store Responsive Magento Go Theme EM Go Angels - Baby Store Responsive Magento Go Theme

    EM Go Angels - Baby Store Responsive Magento Go Theme

    EM Go Angels - responsive Magento go theme for baby store welcomes you to a colorful world of all kids. Extremely clean and neat layout is designed to ensure the highest reflections for your prominent kid products. Our designers take a large space on home page for slideshow and advertising which will bring your store a very nice visual effect.

    Moreover, it is integrated many powerful features to keep the website high speed, light-weighted operations and rich functionality. Dropdown Menu sorts all products into a logical organization that any visitor can follow easily. Slideshow and promotional banner are placed on a conspicuous position. This makes sure all hottest news, promotions, and products will be the most attractive place. Many others product widgets improve your website management efficiency.

    EM Go Angels, worth website buying. Check it out and you will never regret.

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  6. EM Flexible Block EM Flexible Block

    EM Flexible Block

    Meet a new friend - Flexible Block extension which will set you free from all struggles with blocks. There is no limitation for static blocks and content items, feel free to go with whatever you think of.  Smart features of Flexible Block will do all of  boring jobs for you, from changing template and layout files automatically, instead of manually,to target marketing for marketing purpose.

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  7. EM Pinnest - Responsive Magento Template EM Pinnest - Responsive Magento Template

    EM Pinnest - Responsive Magento Template

    To deliver you more options for you online store, we are very happy to introduce you our latest theme for fashion shop, EM Finnest. It is also suitable to accessories, or jelwery or shoes. In this layout, a brand new layout style is specially made for you to refresh your website and make it outstanding of the crowd. With what we call Pinterest style, your online shop owns two necessary factors for a fashion website, economy and aesthetic. Functionally, the theme would be a great assistant in improving web efficiency. Mega menu allows you to add multiple columns, image, video and so many more. Further, Mega menu has drag and drop builder which supports inserting static blocks, dynamic widget instances, dynamic categories listing or featured product details on menu. Advance layered navigation will be impresses you by its usability, an extremely helpful tool for searching, and filtering products. Many others extensions are integrated to ensure the highest sales. Learn More
  8. Home - Red Home - Red

    Responsive Bootstrap Magento Theme - EM Fashionist

    Any shopaholic would fall in love with this layout, EM Fashionist Responsive Bootstrap Magento theme. Super neat design, really modern and high fashion skin for the website. With variety available colors, probably, your website will be congruent with your store image. Need to change? You want a very own color combination? Pieces of cake, you can change it to any color you wish with color variation function. Are you wondering how about its functionality? You will be truly impressed with its features. The most noteworthy thing is responsive layout which will automatically resize layout when changing screen size. Large size slideshow plus promotion blocks blow fresh air into the website and to make it more glamour and magnificent. Vertical navigation sorts all categories in the most logical way which is shown along the way visitors scroll down. Extremely flexible product widget and latest view widget will save you massive time in managing and administrating website and products. Advance layered navigation extension is a stunning filter for visit to search for closest results. Let’s boost your sales and enhance brand reputation with EM Fashionist Learn More
  9. EM Digital Marketplace Responsive Magento Theme EM Digital Marketplace Responsive Magento Theme

    Responsive Magento Theme - EM Digital Marketplace

    You own a big store with an enormous number of products, and you need something to show it out. This is really the one for you, EM Digital Marketplace. Be a modern enterprise with Red and White of this theme, which show your enthusiasm, and profession. Don't want this color? No worries, you can change it just in second with theme variation to any color you wish. Extremely neat product organization to avoid fussy look for your website won’t let you down. It is integrated with powerful functions to make your site more attractive, highly recommended by customers for its convenience, stable quality, and fast speed. A must see function of this theme is responsive layout, that is automatically resize its layout when screen size change. It comforts every single internet user come to your website, since it eliminate all unexpected zoom in or out to see products. For more, Dropdown Mega Menu (with multiple column, image, links, and video) is a great assistant for you to categorize your products up to 4 levels of sub-categories. Vertical menu will help clients shop easier and have better tool to track their products. Also, products widgets and slider combination will definitely make your product show super neat and nice. It is no doubt that you won’t regret for buying EM Digital Marketplace. Learn More
  10. EM RoeDok Magento Go Theme - Home EM RoeDok Magento Go Theme - Home

    EM Go RoeDok

    RoeDok Magento Go is for you, your fashion store and all people love fashionable and modern things. Your website becomes super informative with three columns structure, while specialized layout enhances visual view of it to make its view real nice and clear for all users. To all visitors, this will be the best website ever, stable quality, high speech, easy to use functions and many more powerful features. The theme will be please you even more with it responsive function that automatically resize layout to screen size. You no need to worry about your dear customers’ satisfaction, this theme will make them all happy. Storing unlimited amount of products, and organizing them in the most logical way with dropdown menu. Quick links to promoted, hottest, special products are remarkable point of the theme. Also, slideshow, and advertising blog are all ready to use, to show profession side of yours. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 189 total

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