Flexible Products Widget


Ultra powerful product widget allows to show products from specific conditions based on its attributes. Ability to show newest products, featured products, products for male or female, products from specific price range, etc...

Download at Magento Connect: EM Flexible Products Widget.

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{{widget type="flexiblewidget/list" column_count="1" limit_count="9" attribute_set="Computer" if="color='black' and gender='male' " order_by="name asc" template="flexiblewidget/list.phtml" category="Computers|Shoes"}}

  • column_count : the number of column
  • limit_count : the number of product showed
  • attribute_set : to get product of attributeset
  • if : condition of product's attribute. ( operators : "and,or,<,>,<=,>=,<>,=")
  • order_by : order
  • template : template
  • category : the condition of categories ( "|" it's mean "or" )


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