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Quick Overview

Widget that allows to insert any category menu into the static blocks, ability to mix the dynamic category menu in the static links menu. No need CSS skill because the widget generates HTML code exactly well-standard as the standard Magento menu's HTML structure.

Product Description

The first Magento Widget that allows to insert category menu into a static links menu. Assume you have a static blocks that contains menu links, you want to dynamically load a branch of category tree on the menu, this widget extension is designated to help you.


Install through Magento Connect. After installed, go to Magento > Cache Manager, click button Clear Magento Cache.

How to use?

Assume you have this menu editable in the Static Blocks:

Sample Menu

You would like to load categories as the child of Special Products:

Sample Submenu

Just edit the static block contents and insert the widget:


<li><a href="#">Homepage</a></li>
<li><a href="#">What's news</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Special Products</a>
{{widget type="catalogmenuwidget/catalogmenu" category="13" ul_class="level0" level_class="1" ul_id="my_nav" template="em_catalogmenuwidget/menu.phtml"}}
<li><a href="#">Reviews</a></li>


The widget should generate HTML code as below:


  • category: is the root category ID would you like to show it children categories.
  • ul_class: is the CSS class append to UL's class.
  • ul_id: is the UL element ID.
  • level_class: is the start number of the child LI's class.
  • none_ul_root: if specified, no UL element generated.
  • none_li_first_class: if specified, don't generate LI's first class.
  • none_li_last_class: if specified, don't generate LI's last class.

Additional Information

Compatibility 1.6, 1.5, 1.4.2, 1.4.1


Use spaces to separate tags. Use single quotes (') for phrases.